New Year, Same God


When I look back on 2014, two words come to mind: faithful and change.

I spent the entire year fundraising and preparing to move to a country I fell in love with 4 years ago. In all honesty, nothing can prepare you for that. There were times I had doubt, and a few times I thought I might not make it. (even though I wasn’t willing to admit it at the time) But every single time, God showed me His faithfulness. He’s reminded me throughout this entire year that He has called me and that He is faithful to those He calls. I had many opportunities to give up and quit, but I didn’t. I knew that the struggle would be worth the joy of being in God’s will for my life. His faithfulness astounds me every day.

Then there was change.

On December 15th, I flew to Ecuador. Fitting your entire life into a total of 4 bags is a lot harder than it sounds. I went from winter weather to summer in a matter of 24 hours. I moved away from my entire family and everything I knew to move into a house with 30 girls that I didn’t know, yet I’ve never felt more at home. I’ve struggled with my Spanish, but somehow I’ve still made an impact. I’m learning a whole new way of life. It’s challenging yet fulfilling. It’s because I know that this is what I’m called to do. He made me for this.

It’s so comforting to know that no matter how much change happens in my life, God is still the same God. Even though my life is completely different from last year, He’s still the same. Years can go by and change me with them, but every new year He is still there. He is just as faithful as before. He’s just as merciful and loving as 4 years ago when He brought me here for the first time. He’s the same God that was with me 2 years ago when I stayed for 3 months and knew He wanted me back here. He was with me when I finally came back after 2 years of waiting. And He will be with me when I have to leave and return to America. In every season of my life, He has been there and will be there to guide me and help me through it.

I can depend on Him always, and that makes all of the change easier to handle.

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