Iscariot // Tosca Lee



So I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I love books. So much. I’m always reading at least 2 books at a time (or more like I am right now…) and read all types. I thought it would be neat to every so often post reviews of books that have deeply impacted my life, whether they be fiction or nonfiction. That way you can also find some new books to add to your reading list.

We’re starting out with a fiction book called Iscariot by Tosca Lee.

Have you ever wondered what the events of Jesus looked like through Judas’ eyes? What if we didn’t see him as the villain he’s painted to be? What if… He was human?

That’s exactly what Lee does in her book “Iscariot”.

The book was written on this question: Judas was the only disciple Jesus ever called “friend”… Why? Why call your betrayer friend? This is a question I pondered for so long, so when I found a book based on it… I had to pick it up. I had to see what her perspective was.

What I read surprised me. Lee painted a fuller picture of his life and made him real.

We have this idea that he was pure evil and barely human. That’s not the case. He was a real person with feelings just like us, which Lee expresses so well in this book. She brings him to life, gives him depth… The last thing we want. Because in making him real, she made him relatable. And no one wants to relate to Judas, the man whose name is synonymous with traitor.

This book broke my heart because you knew that Judas would betray Jesus. And you knew that Jesus. Yet, He loved him. One line shattered me was when Judas said “No, He did not need me. But I desperately needed Him.” How many times have I said this and then turned around and betrayed Him? It reminded me of so many times where I was like him. One minute saying I love Him, then the next breaking His heart.

Judas was a person. Just. Like. Us. And that’s what Lee brilliantly and heartbreakingly shows us in Iscariot. We are no better. But in the midst of the tears, a hope was found.

That even though I fail, He can still love me. Even though I sin, I hurt Him, I shatter His heart over and over and over… I am still loved by Him. I can still draw near to Him. I can still depend on Him when I’m in need. But more than that…

I can still be His friend.

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