My Favorite Books of 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love reading. As of today, I’ve read 65 books this year. My yearly goal is usually 52 (one a week). This year I decided I’d write a short post on my 5 favorites, with a few honorable mentions. Putting this list together was so hard! A few notes: These books are in no particular order because I don’t even know where I’d begin in ordering them. Also, not all of these books were released in 2018. I hope you enjoy!

Dance, Stand, Run by Jess Connolly

This one is for ladies (sorry dudes, more for you later!). I adored this book. In this book, Jess talks about living in grace and holiness and how we need both. My copy is filled with highlights and notes all through it. Jess has such a heart for living on mission and growing the Kingdom of God and it’s so evident in this book. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a book that goes deeper than most books out there.

Dancing On The Head of a Pen by Robert Benson

This book encouraged me so much in my writing. Robert Benson has a unique way with words that I love. Although writing is something I love, I find it hard to actually do. He made me feel not so alone in struggling to actually sit down and write. He gives practical advice on how to deal with critics, who to write for, and so much more.

Beyond The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

Okay, this may be considered cheating since this is two books, but I can’t put one without the other. I make the rules anyway. The first book I ever read by Ted Dekker was Black, the start of The Circle Series. I was 11 and the entire world he created captured me. When I got invited to read the ARCs of this series, I couldn’t say no. Going back into the world that solidified my love of reading was too good to pass up. Beyond the Circle follows the story of a blind girl named Rachelle as she begins to dream of another world where she can see. If you read The Circle Series then reading this series is a no-brainer. With many characters from The Circle returning, you’re going to love it.

Remember God by Annie F. Downs

This is the book I gave away this year. Seriously, I loved it so much I bought around 10 copies for friends because it’s that good. Annie writes her story about what to do when it’s hard to believe that God is kind. This book was so healing to my soul. It was in my hands right when I needed it. If 2018 was a difficult year for you, go pick this up. (Also the audiobook is great. Annie reads it herself and I loved listening to it.)

The Line Between by Tosca Lee

This is actually an ARC I got last month. The book doesn’t release until January 29th, but I read it this year and had to include it. This thriller is about a young woman named Wynter that escapes a cult only to return to a world being ravaged by a disease thought to be extinct. This book is insane. There’s not another word from it. By the time you think you know what’s going on, something else goes wrong. I’ve always loved Tosca’s writing and this is her best work. Did I mention it has a sequel coming later next year? You’ll be counting down the days until it’s out along with me.

Honorable Mentions:

The Seven Deadly Friendships by Mary E. Demuth: A great book to read if you’re struggling with friendships in your life. Mary lists what she believes to be the seven deadliest friendships a person can have and how to handle them.

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs: An incredible daily devotional for those looking to be braver in their lives. I read this last year starting January 1st and I’m doing it again this year.

H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick: A practical book on leadership. I loved how direct and to the point the writing is. Perfect for ministry or business leadership.

I’ve read some incredible books this year, but these are the ones I recommend the most. If you decide to pick up any of these, let me know what you think of them!

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